· By Kachelle Parker

Follow Your Dreams

Hi everybody!

My name is Ka’Chelle (Kay-chelle), but you can call me Chelle, I’m starting this blog for all of my entrepreneurs. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 3 years now and I know at times it can feel like your alone on your journey. This is a safe place for entrepreneurs to come and tell stories, network, and get advice. 

Introduce yourself and your business in the comments! And let’s chat ! 

This summer, I decided to follow my heart and go to New York. I plan on exploring the fashion district and starting the design process for my first clothing line. I think that as a creative or entrepreneur, it’s important to change your scenery. Sometimes when we are in the same environment for long periods of time we can start to get uninspired.That’s how I started to feel, so I booked my flight.

I’m excited to see what New York City will do for my brand. 

My main goal is to increase my brand awareness. As you all now know, I just launched the first issue of my magazine and I’m sooooo excited about it! Mainly because of all the entrepreneurs and creatives I’ll get to meet and work with! I want people like me to be represented in an inspiring way. I want everyone to know that you can always follow your dreams, and if there isn’t a lane for you, MAKE ONE! 

I hope that my time in NYC inspires me and creates more opportunities not only for me but for you all too! I will be blogging and sharing with you guys throughout my journey. 

Let’s keep each other motivated and inspired! Comment positive things about you and your business, share your exciting news! & continue to check back in for more blogs or subscribe to our newsletter for updates! 






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